Back to a longer-form painting following a few weeks of plein air painting and I’m going to the seaside!

Clevedon is a “classy” Victorian seaside resort in North Somerset. The “beach” is a rocky bank on the Severn Estuary. That said, it has a beautiful Victorian pier – no arcades, or Punch and Judy!

The architecture is pure Victorian and there is a large main promenade that is biased towards cars – a point of local contention!

I love a walk along here though, with little to obscure the light and the horizon, there is always something to look at…

Let’s get painting!

I always start in the distance. The sky sets the scene here – it leads the eye and generates depth in the image.

I actually love painting sky – it’s free and easy, and you can manipulate it to fit your needs far easier than pretty-much anything else.

I like the forced perspective here and the new cycle path rally does create strong lines to follow.

Some people hate the path – but as an artist, it adds something to an otherwise grey area.

Speaking of grey…

I’m going for a reasonably muted palette that will allow me to bring focus to people and objects using colour. I’m not trying for photo-realism here – but maybe a little Wes Anderson does Clevedon?

I could keep going for a long time on this painting. I could straighten up wonky lines and add details, but I think I’m almost done.

I will finish the pedestrians and add a few elements. The point you’re done with a painting is when it tells you I guess.

I am tempted to go acrylics and go for more photo realism for the next painting, but I’ll see what the paint tells me.

Think I’m done!

Excuse the interuption πŸ‘‹
It’s always nice to have a visitor

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