Plein Air in Falmouth

I bought a mobile (ish) easel and had my first stab at plein air painting and what a lesson it was! I picked a spot with a lot of interest (too much!) and got set-up… it was quite grey and I hoped it would be a quiet spot… how wrong I was! I bought myself…

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Stokes Croft

This is StinkFish‘s iconic piece at Stokes Croft. I worked on this street for about half a year, just behind the traffic light actually… I’m going to paint this on a different format than the recent paintings, the interest here is the colour and shape. First things first – get things layed out! This is…

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Graffiti and Bridge

The journey of a painting… graffiti and suspension bridge. Thesteps I take and decisions and mistakes I make along the way.

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Portishead Marina

I took a photo of the Marina back in January 2022. It was a cold and crisp day, but it was still and the light was amazing… I obviously had to paint it. Everything started out with getting the layout sorted – a job requiring wine! I got the palette knife out for the first…

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If it looks right

There is a saying “If it looks right, it is right”.  I don’t know who that quote is attributed to but I have a vague recollection that it is has an aeronautical source.  Fortunately it matters not where the source of the statement resides, but more the meaning of it. Keeping with the aeronautical theme…

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The insidious creep of “de-servicing” service is something that torments me almost as much as the pervasive creep of insincere “faux-service” which I’ve already blogged about in my coffee shop experiences.  I know that there is no such term as “de-service”, but I quite like it and anyway it’s that kind of thing that gets you noticed…

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Work-Life Balance

Apologies for the lack of updates last week but I’ve been a very busy boy, which neatly segues into the meat of today’s whinge: work/life balance. The video below is Corning’s idea of the future.  I assume Corning make glass given the content of the video, but for all I know they could be into eugenics…

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stop wasting your life

Anti Social Apps

Someone at work sent around a link to a “cool” new app for iPhones, called “Color“.  The name alone made my hackles stand on end, metaphorically speaking as I don’t have a hairy back… yet. Although at the not-quite fully ripe age of 35 it’s only a matter of time before my body gives in…

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Right to reply

Never let it be said that I treat this blog like a tyrant – I don’t want that reputation, first because it’s not true, but secondly because it’s dangerous. I currently own a few bottles of oil (olive, corn, ground nut to name a few) and so you put that alongside the label of tyrant…

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