The insidious creep of “de-servicing” service is something that torments me almost as much as the pervasive creep of insincere “faux-service” which I’ve already blogged about in my coffee shop experiences.  I know that there is no such term as “de-service”, but I quite like it and anyway it’s that kind of thing that gets you noticed…

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Work-Life Balance

Apologies for the lack of updates last week but I’ve been a very busy boy, which neatly segues into the meat of today’s whinge: work/life balance. The video below is Corning’s idea of the future.  I assume Corning make glass given the content of the video, but for all I know they could be into eugenics…

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I do remember that the TV repairman was a common site in our living room (and its paisley patterned carpet) – the smell of solder brings back memories to this day… I must drop the habit of sniffing the stuff. Which leads me to another claim to fame almost as boastful as “meeting” Tiger Woods – our TV repairman was Lorraine Kelly’s dad!

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What if Apple marketed a…

If you’re here looking for the Pope, see the article below this one… Apple are seen by many as the sole purveyors of great marketing.  You might agree or disagree on that one, but they certainly have an approach which they apply consistently to everything they do – which can’t be a bad thing.  So,…

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Crystal Ball

How’s my futurology?

In my post “Be brave and tell the truth” (9th August) I said that Frosted Lucky Charms had disappeared from the shelves. Not a prediction as such, but wrong nonetheless.

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Crowdsourcing – a problem shared…

Idea Bounty is a website where businesses can advertise a brief for their latest marketing project (getting a bit of coverage of their business at the same time).  The site then invites ideas from the amassed community (or crowd) and offers them a bounty for the winning idea.   It’s just one example of ‘crowdsourcing‘, others…

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Newspaper Bench

Are newspapers yesterday’s news?

Bob Dylan once wrote (in 1964 to be precise), “The Times, they are a changin’.”  It’s a nice lyric and more importantly, for the purposes of this post, it would make for a great headline if you were writing an article about the newspaper industry. In recent times the Times (which started out in 1785…

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Face Recognition

Sleepwalking in a social media nanny state

I’m sorry, it’s bad enough when a shop assistant, albeit a posh shopping assistant, looks down their nose at you in a posh shop. Can you imagine the first time a vending machine does that to you – how’s that for your morale? Anyway, as far as I can tell from the video, the vending machine only vends to good looking people. Poor Joseph Merrick, not only was he called ‘The Elephant Man’, but in tomorrow’s society he couldn’t even get an ice cream as the vending machine wouldn’t be able to recognise him as a human being.

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Prediction #2 | apps, apps and more apps

The world and its dog (dogs are well serviced here) seems to be getting on board with the app revolution.  It shouldn’t be a surprise.  We are a throw-away culture, everything we consume has followed the same path over the years and that path is all about reducing our time spent in consuming and the…

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