Why the little details matter

I recently ordered some business cards from a company, moo.com and the entire experience thus far has been excellent.

The website itself was a joy to use – simple, clear and I’d go as far as saying a pleasure.  I designed my cards easily and placed the order.

I’ve been kept in touch throughout the production stage and just received an email yesterday telling me that the cards had been dispatched.  But, it wasn’t just a mechanical, mundane statement of the fact, the Moo brand carried through to the email, as you can see below:


it’s Little MOO again. I thought you’d like to know, the following items
from your order are now in the mail:

2 x Uploader Business Cards (50)

You requested Royal Mail delivery, which means it should reach you
between 1 and 2 business days.

Remember, I’m just a bit of software, so if you have any questions
regarding your order, the best place to start is with our Frequently
Asked Questions. We keep the answers here:


If you’re still not sure, contact customer services, (who are real
people) at:


Thanks for ordering with MOO – we hope you love your order,

Little MOO, Print Robot

“We love to print”

What a difference the attention to detail makes, the MOO brand really makes you want to participate further and even recommend them to others – which is what I’m doing right now in fact.  What really amazes me though is how so many companies get the details wrong and undo all their hard work at the front end.  The brand is more than a logo and a pretty picture or two, it’s the way a company behaves in every interaction.  Being “all fir coat and nae knickers” just doesn’t cut it – it’s insincere and we humans like a bit of sincerity and believability from our interactions.

So, full marks to Moo.com – I will of course retract all of this if the cards don’t turn up in a day or so!

Biz cards

Excuse the interuption 👋
It’s always nice to have a visitor

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