Plotting the influence of a brand

Watching my child playing with his toy car it struck me that he really wouldn’t care if the car was a Kia or a Ferrari – good for him. At what point does brand start influencing?

I guess that everyone has their own individual pattern, but most would follow a normal distribution curve. There comes that point in childhood where the brand of your next pair of trainers really matters and brand influence grows from that point on to a point of maturity at which point brand influence fades. I mean, will I care about the brand of trousers that hug my chest or will the fact that they can be pulled up comfortably under my armpits be the deciding factor?

I’ve already taken a more pragmatic approach to buying breakfast cereal, opting for the supermarket brand ahead of Kellogg’s. Is that where it starts? Am I already in the denouement of my brand story? All I do know is that I’m going off these low slung jeans, why can’t they make them more comfy?

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