The insidious creep of “de-servicing” service is something that torments me almost as much as the pervasive creep of insincere “faux-service” which I’ve already blogged about in my coffee shop experiences.  I know that there is no such term as “de-service”, but I quite like it and anyway it’s that kind of thing that gets you noticed…

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Work-Life Balance

Apologies for the lack of updates last week but I’ve been a very busy boy, which neatly segues into the meat of today’s whinge: work/life balance. The video below is Corning’s idea of the future.  I assume Corning make glass given the content of the video, but for all I know they could be into eugenics…

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stop wasting your life

Anti Social Apps

Someone at work sent around a link to a “cool” new app for iPhones, called “Color“.  The name alone made my hackles stand on end, metaphorically speaking as I don’t have a hairy back… yet. Although at the not-quite fully ripe age of 35 it’s only a matter of time before my body gives in…

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Right to reply

Never let it be said that I treat this blog like a tyrant – I don’t want that reputation, first because it’s not true, but secondly because it’s dangerous. I currently own a few bottles of oil (olive, corn, ground nut to name a few) and so you put that alongside the label of tyrant…

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Problem Mushroom

Problem Mushroom

What’s a problem mushroom?  In my opinion pretty much any mushroom which happens to be on my plate.  I’m not a massive fan of mushrooms, it’s the texture, the smell, the look and the taste of them that I have an issue with.  That said, I don’t go around telling people I don’t like mushrooms,…

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bike lane

Better by foot

I am going to risk the admonishment of a number of friends with this post, but these are the risks you must take if you are to write about things on the internet, so I shall venture forth regardless. Bristol has recently announced that it is the UK’s first Biking City, which is nice, but…

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Youth Marketing

Every morning on my walk to work I play chicken with a six year old.  I must point out that this isn’t through choice.  I don’t make it part of my constitution that I must play chicken with a child before picking up my morning coffee (which is invariably a morning tea anyway).  It’s him,…

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Marketing Superheroes

Marketing people don’t make great entrepreneurs.  It’s not their fault though, it’s just that the process of analysing a market, scoping the opportunity and planning an entrance strategy usually turn up reasons to investigate further and to delay the action. Entrepreneurs, in my experience, take action first and then analyse after and there is a…

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Orange Text

Personalised marketing just isn’t

Who’s bright idea was it to personalise marketing communications?   This strategy emerged alongside the introduction of computers as business tools in the eighties.  To begin with I imagine it was a novel experience, getting mail with your name on it, but back then it was novel to actually own a television – things have…

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Gaddafi wouldn't put up with it

When ‘good’ service is bad

I do like coffee, but… On my daily walk into work I occasionally sojourn in a coffee shop.  Partly this is because I quite like the idea of a coffee, but mostly this is because I am lazy and the thought of breaking up the journey appeals to me. That said, I have yet to…

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