A brand extension too far

I bought some new underwear yesterday (what a way to start a blog).  I happened to be in Bath and there is a new shopping area with an assortment of swanky shops.  I happened upon the Calvin Klein store which had a sale on.

I managed to pick up a couple of pairs of ‘trunks’ at 50% marked price, a bargain!  Why though were they reduced you might think, let me tell you.

You see, these were promotional pants.  To tie in with the football World Cup fervor, CK obviously thought it would be a good idea to sell a range of team branded underwear.  I bought a pair of Brazil and a pair of France pants (Italy was sold out) and very comfy they are too – I’m wearing the Brazil pants right now (green and yellow) and I feel every bit the beach volleyball player.  I selected the pants based on the associations with the nations involved – romance, samba etc.  I actually preferred the colour (black) of the Germany pants, but let’s face it – who wants think of themselves as a German in the bedroom department?  I suspect CK have got a lot of stock remaining of those pants even in Germany…

not a brilliant concept
not a brilliant concept

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